Rating:PG-13 (for some sex-related content and language)
Genre: Action & Adventure , Comedy
Directed By:Bill Scharpf
Written By:Bill Scharpf , Tommy Garcia , Steve Welch
In Theaters:Apr 1, 2009  wide
On DVD:Sep 15, 2009
Runtime: 95 minutes


H2O Extreme is the story of a young man who gets one last shot to become a professional water skier, but has to overcome his family and the rigors of the pro circuit to see if he has what it takes. 

This was the movie's official website.

Although the trailer was available  on this website when the movie was released in 2009, is no longer available. There was a full screening scheduled for Aug 9, 2016 for H2O Extreme on YouTube but other than that the movie has disappeared in the basement of unsuccessful films.

Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer gave H2O Extreme a 50% Audience rating. No critics reviewed the movie. The content found on this page is from the site's archived pages and other outside sources. 

Synopsis:  Austin Roberts is a Pro Hockey prospect.  The typical kid who grows up in Wisconsin, his summers were consumed with the local Water Ski Show Club and his Winters Playing Ice Hockey.  A great Athlete no matter the sport, when Austin is 14 he wins the Most Outstanding Male Skier award.  His Father then sends him off to Play Junior hockey year around and for 5-6 years Austin leaving water skiing behind.  He is now in his early 20’s and going to try out for one of Florida’s Pro Hockey teams.  On the way he and his girl friend stop by Cypress Gardens to see his best friends who are now living the dream Austin had always hoped for.  Austin falls back in love with the sport and everything it has to offer a single twenty something.


Part of the film's promo involved screening the movie at specific Pro Wakeboard Tour events. The Pro Wakeboard Tour is the most dominant professional wakeboard circuit in the world.

Pro Wake Tour #2 2009

7/2- TEXAS SKI RANCH in New Braunfels.  Great screening with Dan Olson in the audience.  He plays himself in the movie.  The setting was great with beachside seating and wakeboarders in the background!
6/29&6/30- We are currently on the road towards TEXAS for few events.....
6/27-28- ProWake Tour #3 in Knoxville, TN.  The site was awesome, the sun was blazing and No rain til the very end....as everyones leaving.  Congrats to Jacob Disney for winning the HYPERLITE board from our contest.
6/24-RedLine Watersports in MADISON, WI.  Director Bill Scharpf came back from ITALY the same night and walked in right at the films credits.  We are headed towards Knoxville!
6/23-Thanks to the Pewaukee Lake & Badgerland ski club members for making it to the screening at Majestic Cinemas.  Wish the projection/audio was better from the theatre though.
6/22-We are headed to Milwaukee for a special screening @ the Muskego Gateway 9pm! 
*Thanks to the Waterbugs for a great screening.
6/21-ProWake Tour #2 was a blast, even with a tornado that blew through fri. nite and flattening EVERYTHING in site.  90mph WINDS!!! it was part Mudfest.
6/17-We are parked at PRAIRIE LAKE in Pleasant Prairie, WI.....getting ready for the PROWAKE TOUR
6/16-Special Screening @ Barts Watersports (one of our sponsors)....Very intimate screening.
6/15-Passing through the mountains by Nashville was pretty cool!  Just in time for the Special Screening @ Boatworks (Taylorsville, KY).  Thanks for the pizza Patti ;)